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Gender Equality Plan

2021 - 2023


The Gender Equality Plan functions as a guide to action and also as a policy document for ZAMG. The director of ZAMG ensures the ongoing implementation of the equality plan. The director of ZAMG can delegates the operative responsibility or the implementation for certain actions. The respective tasks and the names of the persons responsible are listed on the internal website of the institution. The fulfillment of the tasks is coordinated and supported by the women’s representative of ZAMG.


Identify gender bias at ZAMG

The different working areas at ZAMG comprise a variety of tasks, as work in office, shift work, partial shift work and various field tasks (e.g. station maintenance, measurement campaigns and activities at observatories), which are fulfilled by women and men.
The percentage of female employees at ZAMG is 31 % (latest update: September 2021). The gender distribution per working area is depicted in the following figure.


Figure: Number of women and men employed in the different working areas of ZAMG and percentage of female employees (numbers) in September 2021.

Planning and Implementation

Development of specific measures to correct any bias

Measures to balance possible inequalities are planned regularly and activities are implemented.
•    Tenders: Until a female proportion of 50% is reached at the respective function level, women are preferred employed in case of equal qualification. At least one female ZAMG employee should take part in the interviews.
•    Job outline: Career opportunities for women in Natural Sciences are promoted by offers as “daughters day” of the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Research, female trainees in the frame of the Austrian FEMTECH-program and others.
•    Gender Awareness: Obligatory workshops for all employees of ZAMG.
•    Parental leave management: Part-time working models are offered to ease the re-entry to work.


Regular Assessment of process and progress

After an annual analysis of the gender equality situation at ZAMG, the results are discussed with all relevant parties involved. The Gender Equality Plan, individual measures and their implementation are adapted if necessary and the results are communicated to all employees of ZAMG.
The communication of the development and fulfillment of the equality plan is a contribution to raising awareness and anchoring the values in the corporate culture of ZAMG.

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