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Team and Contact

Our team is pleased to provide help with any enquiery, feel free to contact us.

Department of Environmental Meteorology

Department of Environmental Meteorology

Head of department, general environmental requests: Dr. Martin Piringer

Accidential Releases of Toxic Gases: Dr. Kathrin Baumann-Stanzer

Air Quality Analysis and Dispersion Modelling: Mag. Gabriele Rau

Air Quality Forecasts: Mag. Claudia Flandorfer

Environmental Administration: Anna Mayerhofer

Contact personDivisionEmailTelephone
BAUMANN-STANZER Kathrin Dr.Environment+43(0)1 36026 2402
FLANDORFER Claudia Mag.Environment+43(0)1 36026 2405
MAYERHOFER Anna Information and Communication Technology+43(0)1 36026 2624
RAU Gabriele Mag.Environment+43(0)1 36026 2413
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