Climate / Meteorological Network

Meteorological Network

With more than 250 measurement stations ZAMG operates one of the densest meteorological networks worldwide.

ZAMG offers meteorological data from more than 250 meteorological stations situated in all climate regions and altitudes Austria-wide.

Our measured parameters are continuously exchanged with those of our following partners and their external networks, such as

  • Hydrographical Services (hydrographischer Dienst)
  • Austro Control ( aviation weather service)
  • ALDIS (Austrian Lightning Detection & Information System)


All ZAMG observation points are listed and available for download here.

All our stations are registered with detailed descriptions of siting (electronically and analogically) using geographical coordinates, height above sea level, equipment and photos.


Meteorological Network © ZAMG

Meteorological observation points in Austria © ZAMG

Our meteorological network includes many different kinds of measuring stations:

  • TAWES stations: semi-automatic weather stations
  • SYNOP stations: Tawes stations which are additionally supervised twice a day (at 6 a.m and 6 p.m. UTC)
  • Climate stations: Additionally manned observations (e.g. for cloud information, cloud base, visibility…)
  • Minitaklis stations:  Tawes’ previous model; situated in orographically complex terrain for additional information concerning precipitation events
  • Mobile measuring campaigns (ranging from day to year intervals)


As well as the provided data from our partners (Hydrographical Services, Austro Control )

For more information please contact our experts.

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