Geophysics / Magnetic Field - Gravimetry

Magnetic Field - Gravimetry

The Earth´s magnetic and gravity fields reveal important information about the inner structure and dynamics of our planet. Both fields are subjected to spatial and temporal variations. One of the major tasks of the department deals with the recording and interpretation of such changes.

The geomagnetic observatory in Vienna was one of the first worldwide when it went into operation in 1852. Since 1954 continuous analogue measurements of the components of the Earth's magnetic field have been collected at the Cobenzl in Vienna. Modern digital magnetometers were installed in 2008. The gravity field has been measured continuously since 2007 with a superconducting gravimeter run in cooperation with the University of Vienna. Absolute gravity measurements are performed once a year by the BEV (Bundesanstalt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen) for calibration purposes.

Magnetic and gravity measurements are now continued at the Conrad Observatory, one of the world’s finest geophysical observatories. The observatory also hosts seismic instruments.

A complete magnetic survey of Austria is carried out almost every 30 years. Between 1995 and 1998 approximately 300 points - spaced 20 km on average - were used to cover the Austrian territory. Magnetic field changes are additionally monitored on a yearly basis at 14 selected points.

We provide:

  • Magnetic field declinations at airports
  • Declination maps
  • Early warning of magnetic storms
  • Data Exchange with World Data Centres and neighbouring countries
  • Bulletins


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