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The Customer Service office in Klagenfurt would like to offer their particular services:

Carinthia's team

Our Team at Klagenfurt’s Customer Service offers support with your meteorological requirements in the province of Carinthia.

Carinthia’s special weather patterns and climatological properties are the result of its specific geographical position.

For many of our customers detailed weather information has become indispensable particulary in energy, building, winter road maintenance, tourism and agriculture sectors.

We offer meteorological consulting and support for major events as well as warnings of hazardous weather conditions, in close collaboration with the regional alarm center and hydrological service. We also assist Carinthia’s water rescue department with storm warnings.

Another core assignment of our Customer Service Carinthia is meteorological consulting, expertise, customized measurement and maintenance of our meteorological network in carinthia, including our alpine weather station at the Dobratsch.


9020 Klagenfurt
Flughafenstraße 60

Head of Customer Service Carinthia: Mag. Christian Stefan

Weather Forecast: 0900 566 566 7 (personal meteorological consulting, additional calling fees apply!)

Weather Products: Mag. Paul Rainer

Climate, Expertise: Mag. Gerhard Hohenwarter

Office: Sabine Feistritzer

Customer Service Carinthia+43(0)463 41443
Contact personDivisionEmailTelephone
STEFAN Christian Mag.Customer Service Carinthia+43(0)463 41443 3416
RAINER Paul Mag.Customer Service Carinthia+43(0)463 41443 3417
FEISTRITZER Sabine Customer Service Carinthia+43(0)463 41443 3419
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