As the Austrian official weather service we play an important role in predicting the current and future weather and helping the country be aware of extreme weather.

ZAMG provides a wide range of forecasts and warnings to help you with informed decisions on planning your day-to-day activities.

We help you in this manner by providing accurate and reliable weather forecasts.

We prepare forecasts for Austria, Europe and the world with regional text forecasts within Austria. This also extends to more specific forecasts for leisure activities such as hiking or ski touring.

Our forecasts and warnings are available through a wide range of platforms including the web, mobile phones and social media. We also provide content for website owners to include on their websites.

If you are interested in weather data, we also offer up-to-date measurements from more than 250 weather stations around Austria alongside radar and satellite imagery and information regarding the Austrian climate. We run one of the densest weather measuring networks in the world.

We are pleased to share our experience and knowledge with you.

General inquiries please send to our team here email

We provide the following services:

  • Forecasts for Austria
  • National and European severe weather warnings
  • Austrian observations
  • Leisure forecasts
  • Mountain area forecasts/alpine weather forecast
  • World observations
  • Spot-on forecasts for your major event


Weather forecasts for all Austrian regions.

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Satellite Imagery

Most recent satellite images can be found here.

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Team and Contact

Feel free to contact our team. We are pleased to provide help with any enquiry.

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