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The Customer Service office in Graz would like to offer their particular services:

Team Customers Service Styria

Our team at the Customer Service in Graz offers support for your meteorological requirements in the form of forecasts and warnings for the province of Styria. The avalanche warning service for Styria and Lower Austria is also part of our local office.


Klusemannstraße 21
8053 Graz


lawine-steiermark.at (german only)

lawinenwarndienst-niederoesterreich.at (german only)

Head of Customer Service Styria: Dr. Alexander Podesser

Weather Forcast: 0900 566 566 8 (personal meteorological consulting, additional calling fees apply!)

Weather Products:  Dr. Albert Sudy

Office: Margit Handl

Customer Service Styria+43(0)316 242200
Contact personDivisionEmailTelephone
PODESSER Alexander Dr.Customer Service Styria+43(0)316 242200 3323
SUDY Albert Dr.Customer Service Styria+43(0)316 242200 3321
HANDL Margit Customer Service Styria+43(0)316 242200 3330
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