ZAMG provides a large variety of environmental impact assessments, e.g. for industrial activities, highways, waste treatment facilities, agriculture, and many others.

We use state-of-the-art atmospheric dispersion models for the prediction of Air Quality which can model complex terrain and urban areas. To complement standard meteorological input we also use measurement systems such as RASS systems and ceilometers that detect the structure of the atmospheric boundary layer.

We participate in international model evaluation exercises to verify that our models are appropriate for the intended and specified use. Thus we are confident in providing the right model (“fitness-for-purpose”) to facilitate decision-making on proper siting/dimensioning of your plant buildings and the adoption of control strategies.

Furthermore, we provide daily forecasts of Air Quality across Austria to help you plan your outdoor activities.

Regarding the nuclear power plants in Austria’s surrounding countries, we assist the government in its nuclear emergency response activities. Among other things, this includes running models for toxic gas releases, which can provide immediate information on affected areas in the case of toxic accidents.

If you have an enquiry, please contact us. email

We provide the following services:

  • Environmental impact assessments on industry, energy,  traffic, waste management, livestock
  • Air Quality forecasts
  • Boundary layer measurements
  • Meteorological analysis of air pollution data
  • Time series and statistics of stability classes (“AKTERM”)
  • Impact studies on toxic releases
  • Studies to examine the potential reason for peak concentrations
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