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The department of weather forecasting models is responsible for both, meteorological research and application at the ZAMG.


It consists of three sections with varying tasks, namely: conducting research on numerical weather prediction (NWP), developing meteorological applications and performing atmospheric remote sensing.

The department focuses on:

  • research and development of weather forecasting systems, methods and products
  • maintenance and monitoring of the operational systems from nowcasting to short range forecasting
  • provision of optimized weather forecast products to the customer service at the ZAMG
  • development of training and educational material specifically for meteorologists in the forecasting service.


The department of forecasting models works closely with international organizations and groups, e.g. WMO, ECMWF, ALADIN, LACE, EUMETNET, EUMETSAT etc., and is conducting research projects together with national and international partners.

Head of Department: Dr. Yong Wang

Section ‚Model Development‘: Mag. Christoph Wittmann

Section ‚Model Application‘: Mag. Alexander Kann

Section ‚Remote Sensing‘: Dr. Alexander Jann

Administration: Mag. Andrea Sigl

Contact personDivisionEmailTelephone
EHRLICH Andrea Mag.Numerical Weather Prediction Models+43(0)1 36026 2315
JANN Alexander Dr.Numerical Weather Prediction Models+43(0)1 36026 2316
KANN Alexander Mag.Model Applications+43(0)1 36026 2322
WANG Yong Dr.Numerical Weather Prediction Models+43(0)1 36026 2323
WITTMANN Christoph Mag.Numerical Weather Prediction Models/Development+43(0)1 36026 2332
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