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Team Customer Service Climate Autumn 2017

We offer you both general information on climate and tailored climate products. We are at your service at the e-mail address and via the contact list below. Decidedly scientific inquiries may be sent to the Department Climate Research, which is also available as a research partner.

interim head
Hildegard Kaufmann
paste (severe) weather events
Alexander Orlik, Johanna Oberzaucher, Rainer Kaltenberger, Robert Klonner, Raphaela Ryslavy, Manuela Kalcher
monthly and annual climate reports
Alexander Orlik, Robert Klonner, Rainer Kaltenberger, Manuela Kalcher
wind power
Hildegard Kaufmann, Tran Hung Viet
expert opinion pursuant to ÖNORM, wind load, inclement weather construction Johanna Oberzaucher, Hildegard Kaufmann, Raphaela Ryslavy, Manuela Kalcher
phänology, Citizen Science
Thomas Hübner, Helfried Scheifinger, Barbara Andrea Templ
office Andreas Kaswurm, Annemarie Roth
Kundenservice Klima+43(0)1 36026 2204
KAUFMANN Hildegard Elisabeth Mag.Klima+43(0)1 36026 2201
ORLIK Alexander Klima+43(0)1 36026 2209
OBERZAUCHER Johanna Mag.Klima+43(0)1 36026 2247
RYSLAVY Raphaela M.Sc.Klima+43(0)1 36026 2228
HÜBNER Thomas Klima+43(0)1 36026 2211
SCHEIFINGER Helfried Dr.Klima+43(0)1 36026 2226
DANZER Andreas Klima+43(0)1 36026 2204
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