Geophysics / Seismic Network of Austria

Seismic Network of Austria

Monitoring seismic tremors in Austria and worldwide is one of the main objectives of the department. The network forms part of various international virtual networks and submits data to international data centres and to all neighbouring countries.

Seismic Network of AustriaSeismic Network of Austria


The new generation of earthquake stations is equipped with broadband systems that can register earthquakes from near and far with extremely high accuracy. Further stations are planned in order to enable area-wide registration of near and far earthquakes.

Conrag Observatory © ZAMG/Geophysics

Conrad Observatory © ZAMG Geophysics

In addition, six Strong Motion devices have been in operation in Vienna since 1993, which are used to investigate the effects of local underground conditions on vibration intensity. Another device of this type has been installed in Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria) for the same reasons. In the meantime, work is continuing on expanding the Strong Motion network. Today there are stations in Feldkirch, Namlos, Innsbruck, Schwaz, Zell am Ziller, Fulpmes, Schmirn, am Sonnblick, Kötschach-Mauthen, Gurk, Klagenfurt, on the Koralpe, Leoben, Kindberg, Schwadorf, Obdach, Admont, Pregarten, am Arlberg, as well as at some broadband station locations.

On the way to station DAVA in Vorarlberg © ZAMG Geophysics Lenhardt

on the way to station DAVA in Vorarlberg © ZAMG Geophysics

Broadband station CONA © ZAMG/Geophysics

Broadband station CONA © ZAMG Geophysics

Strong motion station CONA © ZAMG/Geophysics

Strong motion station CONA © ZAMG

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