Geophysics / Seismic Network of Austria

Seismic Network of Austria

Monitoring seismic tremors in Austria and worldwide is one of the main objectives of the department. The network forms part of various international virtual networks and submits data to international data centres and to all neighbouring countries.

Seismische Stationen
Seismic Network

Seismic Network of Austria © ZAMG

Current seismic stations are equipped with STS-2 broadband sensors, which enable us to record remote earthquakes down to a magnitude of 5. Those sensors have been in installed near Molln (Upper Austria), in Arzberg (Styria), at the Kölnbrein barrage, Bad Bleiberg and Hochobir in Carinthia, in Damüls in Vorarlberg, and near Wattenberg, Feichten and Reutte in Tyrol. In addition, in 2002 the Conrad Observatory at the Trafelberg near Muggendorf in Lower Austria was inaugurated. More stations are planned to enhance the sensitivity and range of the network.

Conrag Observatory © ZAMG/Geophysics

Conrad Observatory © ZAMG Geophysics

In Vienna six strong-motion stations are in operation, which serve to record ground motions in built-up areas. Other similar stations are installed in Wiener Neustadt, 40 km south of Vienna, Feldkirch in Vorarlberg, Innsbruck and Schwaz in Tyrol, Klagenfurt and Koralpe in Carinthia, Kindberg, Obdacher Sattel and Admont in Styria, and Schwadorf in Lower Austria.

On the way to station DAVA in Vorarlberg © ZAMG Geophysics Lenhardt

on the way to station DAVA in Vorarlberg © ZAMG Geophysics

Broadband station CONA © ZAMG/Geophysics

Broadband station CONA © ZAMG Geophysics

Strong motion station CONA © ZAMG/Geophysics

Strong motion station CONA © ZAMG

Station Name Station Code Latitude (North) Longitude (East) Altitude (m) Sensor 
Abfaltersbach ABTA 46,7474 12,5123 1093 STS-2
Arzberg ARSA 47,2505 15,5232 577 STS-2
Conrad Observatory CONA 47,9282 15,8618 1046 STS-2
Damuels DAVA 47,2867 9,8803 1602 STS-2
Feichten FETA 47,0211 10,7291 1683 STS-2
Koelnbrein KBA 47,078 13,345 1721 STS-2
Molln MOA 47,8495 14,2659 572 STS-2
Moosalm MOTA 47,3448 11,1037 1575 STS-2
Terra Mystica MYKA 46,6299 13,6416 909 STS-2
Hochobir OBKA 46,509 14,549 1075 STS-2
Reutte RETA 47,4871 10,7623 1014 STS-2
Soboth SOKA 46,678 15,0327 1085 STS-2
St.Quirin SQTA 47,2205 11,2087 1307 STS-2,5
Walderalm WATA 47,3357 11,5763 1492 STS-2
Wattenberg WTTA 47,264 11,636 1764 STS-2, S13
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