As Austria's national weather service we guarantee quality assurance of Austrian climate data.

ZAMG runs one of the densest weather measuring networks in the world. Our meteorological stations measure temperature, precipitation, wind, sunshine and many other meteorological parameters. We provide current and historical weather data, the longest continuous observations reach back to 1768. Checked data build the fundament for our climate-relevant products and services, which are available to private persons, authorities and clients. Our ZAMG-internal climate research department evaluates these data scientifically.

Climate Data

In this area ZAMG provides access to selected climate data like monthly and yearly climate reports, annals etc. for free.

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Climate Customer Service

ZAMG's experts provide consulting on climate data and statistics, climate reports and more for all over Austria.

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Meteorological Network

With more than 250 measurement stations ZAMG operates one of the densest meteorological networks worldwide.

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Sonnblick Observatory

ZAMG's Sonnblick Observatory monitores meteorological parameters for more than 125 years at 3106 m above sea level.

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Team and Contact

Team and contact of Section Customer Service Climate

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