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40th EWGLAM - 25th SRNWP Workshop

The 40th European Working Group on Limited-Area Modelling (EWGLAM) and 25th Short Range NWP (SRNWP) EUMETNET meetings will be organized in Salzburg / Austria (1-4 October 2018) by Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG).


The meeting will be held at Hotel St. Virgil Salzburg (1-4 October 2018), Ernst-Grein-Straße 14, 5026 Salzburg.

The city of Salzburg can be reached easily by air, train or bus. In addition the airports of Vienna and Munich offer convenient connections to Salzburg as well. See also "Practical informations" below for details. 



The program will include:

  • Presentations by the main modelling Consortia and ECMWF
  • Review talks by the Expert Teams
  • National activities posters
  • Expert-Team themed presentations (suggested presentations should be submitted through the Expert Team chairpersons)
  • Final EWGLAM discussion
  • SRNWP business meeting


Program (draft, status 24.09.)




  1. Please use the ONLINE FORM to register for the meeting (Deadline: July 20th 2018) .  After sucessful registration you will receive a confirmation mail. If not please contact ewglam2018@zamg.ac.at .
  2. If you intend to present a national poster, please send the summary of your poster in 3 bullets to Szintai Balazs (szintai.b@met.hu) (Deadline: July 20th 2018).
  3. Contributions to the thematic sessions in the form of 20-minute presentations (including questions) are welcome. If you intend to give a presentation, please contact the relevant person below according to the subject (Deadline: July 20th 2018):
NameContact information
Data assimilation bruce.macpherson@metoffice.gov.uk
Dynamics and lateral boundary coupling  szintai.b@met.hu
Link with applications  onvlee@knmi.nl
Physical parameterisation (upper air)  szintai.b@met.hu
Predictability and EPS  cmarsigli@arpa.emr.it
Surface and soil processes (model and data assimilation)  patrick.samuelsson@smhi.se
System aspects  szintai.b@met.hu
Verification clive.wilson@metoffice.gov.uk


Accomodation / Practical information

There is a limited number of reserved rooms in two different locations:


How to arrive in Salzburg? Find details here

How to arrive at the conference center? Find details here.


Excursion / Dinner 

Details will follow in time ...


Useful Links

Salzburg Travel Guide

Public transport 


Contact information

Please use ewglam2018@zamg.ac.at to contact the ZAMG organizing team

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