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With the aid of the three-dimensional variational assimilation (3DVAR) system in AROME and the Convection-permitting Limited Area Ensemble Forecasting system (C-LAEF), observations from multiple sources, such as, satellites, radiosondes, aircraft, wind profiler etc. will be assimilated to reconstruct a ten-member ensemble with spatially, temporally, and physically consistent 3D and 2D atmospheric fields. In addition to enhanced spatial resolution this reanalysis will provide essential climate variables (ECVs) that will be aggregated at hourly, sub-daily, daily, and monthly scale. It is also planned to provide an uncertainty estimate from the ensemble which will be made publicly available.


The main goal of ARA project is to create first of its kind high resolution (2.5 km) re-analysis ensemble dataset for Austria by assimilating observations using the 3DVAR of the C-LAEF ensemble system based on the AROME model. This re-analysis will reconstruct spatially, temporally, and physically consistent 3D and 2D essential climate variables for Austria.


Once completed it will provide a detailed (2D and 3D) information on the state of atmosphere in Austria from 2010 – 2020. Successful completion of this prototype has the potential to further develop into a viable operational / commercial product. It will provide essential climate variables (ECVs) at spatial and temporal scales relevant for the NWP (numerical weather prediction)/ climate research community and can be further exploited by impact research to improve resilience in the community by strengthening mitigation and adaption efforts.

Projektbeginn 10.2021
Projektende 09.2024
AWAN Nauman Khurshid Dr.Modelle Entwicklung+43(0)1 36026 2346
WITTMANN Christoph Mag.Modelle Entwicklung+43(0)1 36026 2332

Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change (WegC)


Austrian Space Application Programme (ASAP), FFG

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