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Abstract-Collection of all peer reviewed ALP-IMP project papers and of a selection of non reviewed project papers

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Coarse Resolution Subregional Mean climate time series of the Greater Alpine Region

A new alpine ice core recovered for long term climate reconstructions

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Annual report

Final report
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3rd annual report
2nd annual report
1st annual report

Long term precipitation and temperature network ready for use now
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2nd ALP-IMP annual meeting, March 22nd to 23rd 2004, Zurich
You can find the program in the following.

Program of 2nd ALP-IMP meeting
ALP-IMP-prog-2ndmeeting.doc (22kB) ALP_IMP-prog-2ndmeeting.pdf (10kB)

Summaries of the public session from the ALP-IMP kick off meeting

Auer, Ingeborg:
The instrumental period in the greater alpine region
ZAMG, Vienna

Widmann, Martin:
Regional Modelling over complex terrain
GKSS, Geesthacht

Haeberli, Wilfried:
Alpine Glaciers as a climate proxy and
as a prominent climate impact
University of Zurich

Wagenbach, Dietmar:
Alpine ice cores as climate proxies
University of Heidelberg


ALP-IMP kick off meeting, May 5th to 6th 2003, Vienna with public session on the 5th from 9am to 1pm.
You can find details for the public session in the following invitation (in german).

Invitation to the public session
ALP-IMP-Einladung.doc (94kB) ALP_IMP-Einladung.pdf (174kB)

23. May: Launch of the ALP-IMP Website

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