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Workpackage 1: instrumental database

  • Updated temperature and precipitation
  • Homogenized pressure, sunshine/cloudiness
  • Homogenized vapour press., rel.hum., snow
  • Instrumental dataset description

Workpackage 2: tree-ring proxies

  • New GAR tree-ring network: 300-500 yrs ring-width –density chronologies
  • New GAR tree-ring network: 1500yrs. and longer (subfossil and historical buildings)

Workpackage 3: ice core proxies

  • Continuous δ18 O and D-excess profiles at two Mt. Blanc ice cores down to bedrock
  • Continuous δ18 O and D-excess profiles at one Monte Rosa ice core down to bedrock
  • isotope time series of recent precipitation at high Alpine sites
  • 500-1000years master chronology of isotopic properties in high Alpine precipitation
  • identification of periods with significant isotope changes

Workpackage 4: glacier proxies

  • Quality checked data set of glacier variability
  • Representativity of glacier variability data within GAR
  • Glacier variability dataset description

Workpackage 5: consistency testing (observed vs. observed)

  • validation of intercomparsions between variables within the GAR
  • comparison of GAR with hemispheric (respective primary variables datasets)

Workpackage 6: consistency testing (observed vs. model simulated)

  • extension of the 0.5 degree 1958-present REMO model run for the period 1948-1957
  • A REMO model run on 1/6 degree resolution for the period 1948-present
  • Study variables, regions and periods where the observations agree, and where they do not notagree
  • A 1-year coarse resolution regional model integration fitted with isotope diagnostics
  • high resolution snapshots (several days) with the regional models
  • determination of periods with significant isotopic changes or trends in relation to temperature and circulation

Workpackage 7: synthesis - 200y GAR internal

  • influence of the resolution of topography on climate modeled circulation patterns
  • GAR mesoscale variability patterns
  • 3-dimensional 1/6deg reconstruction of 200 years GAR climate variability patterns
  • GAR temp. and precip. variability related to mesoscale circulation variability

Workpackage 8: synthesis - 200y GAR vs. global

  • general 200 years GAR variability features
  • 200 years GAR-variability versus European to global features
  • understanding of 200 years GAR-variability in global context
  • Summary of WP8 findings on the project homepage

Workpackage 9: synthesis - 100y GAR climate

  • temp. and precip. reconstructions of GAR (integrated regional and sub-regional) for up to 500-1500 years
  • Glacier mass-balance simulation for up to 1500 years, with accompanying assessment of correspondence to geomorphological data for at least 500 years
  • linkages between GAR climate history and wider European and Hemispheric/global changes and their associated forcing relationships

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