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About us

This EUMETNET initiative was launched in 2013 in order to increase the awareness of climate researchers as well as of data providers to the possible availability of long term datasets and if possible facility the access to these data.

Therefore different activities as the collecting of available information on already digitised and non-digitised datasets are launched.



Austria: I. Auer, B. Chimani, A. Paul, S. Adler

Belgium: C. Bertrand

Czech Republic: M. Repka

Croatia: D. Rasol

Cyprus: M. Panayiotis

Denmark: C. Kern-Hansen

Estonia: A. Kallis

Finland: A. Frey

Germany: H. Mächel

Greece: A. Mamara, A.D. Sarantopoulos

Hungary: M. Lakatos

Ireland: S. Walsh, M. Curley

Italy: G. Mondacchini

Latvia: S. Aniskevica

Lithuania: D. Valiukas

Macedonia: A. D. Prodanov

Netherlands: S. Peter, G. Verver

Norway: E. Lundstad

Poland: D. Limanowka, P. Kilar

Romania: E. Mateescu, A. Manea

Serbia: P. Petrović

Slovakia: D. Galo, O. Bochníček

Slovenia: M. Nadbath

Sweden: W. Josefsson, J.E. Engström, L. Wern

Switzerland: M. Croci-Maspoli

Spain: J. Guijarro, M. Brunet, M. Prohom

Ukraine: O. Skrynyk

United Kingdom: M. McCarthy, Martyn Sunter