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Long-term datasets are of great importance for climate research. They allow describing past climate variability highly resolved in space and time, are important for re-analyses and model evaluation. Especially early instrumental series are the connecting link to the paleoclimatic community. In Europe there is a good data coverage since the 1960ies, however to capture the full climate variability including extremes time series are often too short. Although a considerable part of long-term series have already been digitized and made available, there are still millions of data to be recovered and rescued. Due to a number of completed or running activities ( the number of digital available data has been increasing continuously, however an extended overview has not been made available so far.

The EUMETNET Expert Team contributed to the European climate services by providing an extended inventory of digitized and non-digitized data, focusing on centennial or even longer daily data, long-term mountain stations of at least 50 years and data in sparse regions. The activity ended in December 2018 but data rescue will go on in the individual countries. For information on current data rescue activities see e.g.