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Sonnblick Observatory

ZAMG's Sonnblick Observatory monitors meteorological parameters since more than 125 years at 3106 m above sea level.

The Sonnblick Observatory was founded in 1886 on the initiative of ZAMG director Julius Hann. Ignaz Rojacher, a mine proprietor from Rauris, supported Hann in his efforts. The observatory was to investigate the higher strata of the atmosphere. Most of the building materials were carried to the mountaintop or pulled up in makeshift cable-cars.

Located at 3,106 meters above sea level, it is the highest observatory in the world to be operated year-round. Unfettered by emissions, it is the perfect place for measurements. Since January 1, 1905, Sonnblick has held the record for the coldest temperature in Austria: –37.4° C. Observers noted, “Here, it’s quite chilly (…) thermometer is too short (…) and hygro-meter has stopped working.”

The observatory receives its funding through grants from the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and the Austrian Academy of Science as well as through membership fees and sponsorship agreements. Its staff is employed by ZAMG. In addition, one scientist receives funding from BMWFW, BMLF and the provinces of Salzburg and Carinthia.

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For Scientific Research:

Sonnblick-Advisory Council, Directors Office, Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik, Hohe Warte 38, A-1190 Vienna


For Visitors:

Head of Observatory:
Mag. Bernhard Niedermoser, ZAMG-Customer Service Salzburg and Upper Austria, Freisaalweg 16, A-5020 Salzburg,


Sonnblickverein e.V.
General Secretary:
Dr. Wolfgang Schöner, Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik , Hohe Warte 38, A-1190 Vienna

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