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Archeo Prospections

Ground radar measurements - Archeo Prospections © ZAMG

During numerous ground survey research projects employing ground radar, geoelectrical-, electrical-, magnetic-and seismic refraction methods subsurface structures of ancient times were detected and analysed, resulting in magnificent images of structures of ancient cultures in Austria and abroad.

The ArcheoProspections-group of the ZAMG is active not only in Austria and was leading in the detection of the circular ditches from celtic times, but also in Ephesos since more than a decade, thus assisting the Austrian Instituite of Archaelogy in mapping the fast remains of Ephesos.

Archeo Prospections

Ground radar measurements - Archeo Prospections © ZAMG

Stunning results were already also achieved in cooperation with the Ludwig Boltzman Institute for Archaeolocal Prospection and Virtual Archaeology
( in Carnunutm in Austria, Stonhenge (U.K.).

High-resolution images of the remains of our forebearers are mapped and analysed by the Archeo Prospections®-team together with our partner, the LBI.

Der steinzeitliche Kreisgraben von Steinabrunn, kartiert mit Hilfe von einem hochempfindlichen Cäsium - Magnetometersystem. © ZAMG Geophysik Archeo Prospections®

Neolithic circular ditch structures detected with a Cäsium-magnetometer system. Pits, ditches and four entries with weak indiciations of timber poles at the inner palisade werde detected by magnetic measurements. The settlement dates back more the 4000 years. Archeo Prospections © ZAMG


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