Climate Change in High Mountain Regions

28th August - 1st September 2011
Salzburg, Austria






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High mountain regions around the world are known to react especially sensitive on climate change. Beside the general interest in the climate of mountain regions its understanding is essential for climate impacts as e.g. changes of glaciers and permafrost and related geo-risks. Although climate research gained much success within the last years in understanding of high mountains climate, the complex geographical structure of mountain regions, however, still limits their climatological understanding and consequently their modelling. Recent efforts provided in particular high quality observational data and process understanding from observations at high mountain observatories.

Main topics:

  • Reconstructions of mountain climate
  • Climate of the instrumental period from high quality observations
  • Climate forcings and feedbacks for mountain regions (radiative and others)
  • Influence of mountain regions on climate
  • Regional climate model runs for mountain regions
  • Snow and ice in the climate of high mountain regions
  • The role of high mountain observatories for climate change studies

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