WT-3, the “Synthesis Worktask”

provides a 4-dimensional climate variability analysis within the GAR and of the GAR in the greater context of continental to hemispheric scale reaching back some 200 years (for instrumental) and to 1000 years and more for proxy datasets.

WT-2 Consistency Worktask

Worktask 2 serves as an additional quality assessment to test the consistency of the data deliverables of worktask 1 with other datasets and modeling results.

It is broken down into two workpackages:

  • WP-5, “Consistency observed vs. observed data” tests the internal consistency of the different instrumental variables of the WP-1 data and assesses their external consistency with the respective GAR-grid-boxes of large scale datasets

  • WP-6, “Consistency observed vs. simulated data” tests the consistency of the observed WP-1 data including ice core isotopes with GAR-climate variability patterns simulated by high resolution regional modeling. A module of modeling-based ice core data evaluation will work within the workpackage.


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