WT-2, the “Consistency Worktask”

is a necessary link between WT-1 and the synthesis WT-3. It is devoted to testing the internal intervariable consistency of the WT-1 results as well as the consistency with other existing (continental to global scale) datasets including regional scale model simulations of the past climate variability.

WT-2 Consistency Worktask

Worktask 2 serves as an additional quality assessment to test the consistency of the data deliverables of worktask 1 with other datasets and modeling results.

It is broken down into two workpackages:

  • WP-5, “Consistency observed vs. observed data” tests the internal consistency of the different instrumental variables of the WP-1 data and assesses their external consistency with the respective GAR-grid-boxes of large scale datasets
  • WP-6, “Consistency observed vs. simulated data” tests the consistency of the observed WP-1 data including ice core isotopes with GAR-climate variability patterns simulated by high resolution regional modeling. A module of modeling-based ice core data evaluation will work within the workpackage.

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