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Team and contact

Team and contact of the Department Climate Research

Klimateam Frühling

We are pleased to assist you with scientific inquiries or as a research partner. General climate information and product offers can be obtained directly from our customer service climate. Research-related inquiries may be sent to More specific questions may be addressed to:

Research focus
Marc Olefs
head of Department Climate Research
radiation, snow

head of Section Climate Monitoring and Cryosphere

Michael Hofstätter
head of Section Climate System and Impact
climate change, climate extremes
Johann Hiebl
team leader Climate Monitoring
spatial climate analysis
Bernhard Hynek
team leader Cryosphere
glaciology, Sonnblick Observatory
Klaus Haslinger
team leader Climate System
hydrology, drought
Christoph Matulla
team leader Climate Impact
regional climate modeling


Contact personDivisionEmailTelephone
OLEFS Marc Dr.Climate Research+43(0)1 36026 2233
HOFSTÄTTER Michael Dr.Climate Variability/Models+43(0)1 36026 2203
HIEBL Johann Dr.Climate Change Impacts+43(0)1 36026 2242
HYNEK Bernhard Mag.Climate Change Impacts+43(0)1 36026 2243
HASLINGER Klaus Dr.Climate Variability/Models+43(0)1 36026 2236
MATULLA Christoph Mag. Dr.Climate Variability/Models+43(0)1 36026 2217
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