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Wind Power Services

Short info ZAMG is also active in the field of wind energy and provides accurate and reliable expertise, predictions for wind turbines in Austria and internationally as well as special observations with remote sensing techniques.

ZAMG offers competent verification and comprehensive assessment of energy yield from wind power sites in the energy sector.

Wind data at the planned hub heights are often observed with or extrapolated from mast measurements. Remote sensing techniques are applied for controlled measurements at a higher vertical range for a limited time period of typically 6 months. In addition to our meteorological measuring network we also offer special observations with RASS (Radio-Acoustic-Sounding-System).

ZAMG is running its own chain of state-of-the-art numerical weather prediction models (NWP) based on forecasts from the world-renowned ECMWF model. We have therefore been able to provide accurate wind forecasts for all relevant temporal and spatial scales for inter-day trading, day-ahead forecasts and long-term planning.

In addition to standard NWP products, ZAMG is also able to provide customized solutions for clients’ specific needs such as optimized power-forecasts and icing potential at hub height.

A comparison to SCADA data highlights the excellence of ZAMG’s expertise.

We provide expert opinions for:

  • Site assessments
  • Energy production estimates and energy yield assessments
  • Wind park optimization and micro-siting
  • Site classifications
  • Third party evaluations
  • Wind field modeling
  • Wake modeling
  • Site icing conditions and ice throw
  • Acoustic noise assessments
  • Shadow flicker assessments
  • Visualization
  • Wind power potential maps
  • Environmental impact assessments and statements on air quality and climate impact

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