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Publikationen - 2015

Nachstehend finden Sie die Publikationen der Abteilung Geophysik aus dem Jahre 2015.

Publikationen GEOPHYSIK 2015

Gerner, A. , Lenhardt, W., et al. 2015. A Cluster of Deep Crustal Seismicity in the Northern Alpine Foreland of Austria. EGU2015-13233.

Pesaresi, D., Lenhardt, W., Rauch, M., Živčić, M., Steiner, R., Bertoni, M. & H. Delazer. 2016. "SeismoSAT" project results in connecting seismic data centres via satellite. EGU2015 SM1.2/GI1.5 ​session "Improving ​seismic networks per​formances: from site​ selection to data i​ntegration"​. 

Picozzi, M., Elia, L., Pesaresi, D., Zollo, A., Mucciarelli, M., Gosar, A., Lenhardt, W. & Živčić, M. 2015. Trans-National Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) in North-Eastern Italy, Slovenia and Austria: First Experience with PRESTo at the CE3RN Network. Adv. Geosci., 40, 51–61, 2015.

Baroň, I., Plan, L. , Grasemann, B., Mitroviċ, I., Lenhardt, W., Hausmann, H. & Stemberk, G. 2015. Gravitational mass-movement triggered by regional tectonic strain? J. Geomorphology.

Egli, R., Zhao, X. 2015. Natural remanent magnetization acquisition in biotur­bated sediment: General theory and implications for relative paleointensity reconstructions, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 16, 995-1016.

Egli, R. 2015. The use of FORC diagrams in environmental magnetism: Recent developments. IUGG Prag.

Egli, R., Zhao, X., 2015. Natural remananent magnetization acquisition through sediment mixing: Theory and implications for relative paleointensity. IUGG Prag.

Egli, R., 2015. From magnetotactic bacteria to sediment magnetizations: new insights, GP41A-06, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco.

Egli, R., 2015. The effect of bioturbation on relative paleointensity records, GP11A-08, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco.

Jia, Y., 2015. Investigating spatial dependence of PGA residuals between measurements and predictions in Austria. IUGG Prag.

Schnepp, E., Arneitz, P., Leonhardt, R., Lanos, P. 2015. Paleointensity variation in Central Europe during the past 3400 years. IUGG Prag.

Papp, G., Meurers, B., Benedek, J., Kis, M., Szucs, E., Koppán, A., Leonhardt, R., Ruotsalainen, H.  2015. On sensor characteristics of superconducting and spring gravitymeters investigated by the analysis of the time series recorded by them. IUGG Prag.

Lenhardt, W., 2015. Seismotektonik des Kartenblatts “Mariazell” ÖK 72. Beitrag für Geol. Bundesanstalt.

Stock, F., Ehlers, L., Horejs, B., Knipping, M., Ladstätter, S., Seren, S., Brückner, H. 2015. Neolithic settlement sites in Western Turkey — palaeogeographic studies at Çukuriçi Höyük and Arvalya Höyük. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 4: 565-577.

Schneidhofer, P, Nau, E., Hinterleitner, A., Lugmayer, A., Bill, J., Gansum, T.,  Neubauer, W., Paasche, K., Seren, S., Draganits, E., Trinks, I., 2015. Palaeo-environmental analysis of large-scale, high-resolution GPR and magnetometry data sets: the Viking Age site of Gokstad in Norway. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences.