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Team and Contact

Our Team is pleased to provide help with any enquiry, feel free to contact us.

Department of Climatology

Head Section Climatology Division Customer Service

Dr. Elisabeth Koch

Past Weather, Extreme Weather Events

Mag. Rainer Kaltenberger
Mag. Robert Klonner
Mag. Hildegard Kaufmann
Mag. Johanna Oberzaucher
Alexander Orlik


Monthly- and Annual Climate Report

Alexander Orlik

Wind Power Service

Dipl-Ing. Dr Hung Viet Tran

Mag. Hildegard Kaufmann

Expertise according to ÖNORM, wind load, inclement weather days for building sites

Mag. Johanna Oberzaucher

Mag. Hildegard Kaufmann 


Dr. Elisabeth Koch

Dr. Helfried Scheifinger

Kundenservice Klima+43(0)1 36026 2204
KAUFMANN Hildegard Elisabeth Mag.Klima+43(0)1 36026 2212
OBERZAUCHER Johanna Mag.Klima+43(0)1 36026 2228
ORLIK Alexander Klima+43(0)1 36026 2209
SCHEIFINGER Helfried Dr.Klima+43(0)1 36026 2226
TRAN Hung Viet Dipl.-Ing. Dr.Klima+43(0)1 36026 2206
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