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European Nowcasting Conference
29 - 30 April 2014
Vienna, Austria

The first EUMETNET Nowcasting Conference will be held in Vienna, Austria, from April 29 to 30, 2014. This conference is organized in the frame of EUMETNET (European Meteorological Network) which includes an activity dedicated to nowcasting. This activity started in January 2013 and is coordinated by ZAMG. The goal of the conference is to promote recent advances in the theory and practice of nowcasting in Europe and other parts of the world. The conference welcomes participants from operational, research, and forecast user communities to discuss methods for improving the quality of nowcasting in use as well as respective observations and verification standards.
The conference includes both a scientific program followed by discussions on future cooperation in nowcasting in Europe. The scientific program will feature keynote addresses as well as contributed talks related to the practice of nowcasting. During the conference four sessions will be devoted to nowcasting (see topics). In each session there will be room for discussions as well as at the end of the conference.

Topics include:
  1. Nowcasting techniques and systems
    • Scientific and technical aspects of the systems
    • Use of observations, data pre-processing and QC techniques
    • Use of NWP techniques and products
    • Deterministic/probabilistic solutions
    • Conceptual models and heuristic methods
    • Downstream application modules
    • Nowcasting products
  2. Observation and NWP
    • Nowcasting requirements for observation systems
    • Data assimilation
    • The role of NWP in nowcasting applications
  3. Verification and societal/economic impacts
    • Verification methods
    • Verification of nowcasting systems including case studies
    • High impact events
    • Validating societal and economic impacts
  4. Application and user aspect
    • User requirements
    • Use of nowcasting information in decision making systems
    • Recommendations
Scientific Program Committee
Yong Wang (ZAMG)
Luis Bañon (AEMET)
Dirk Heizenreder (DWD)
Marianne König (EUMETSAT)
Siebren de Haan (KNMI)
Paolo Ambrosetti (MeteoSwiss)
Goran Mihajlovic (RHMZ)
Alexander Kann (ZAMG)
Franziska Strauss (ZAMG)
Local Organizing Committee
Franziska Strauss (ZAMG)
Andrea Sigl (ZAMG)

The call for abstracts is closed!